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In a world full of excessive choice and global competition,

As wine merchants, by our central position at the core of the wine industry, we are the best positioned to select resources, combine skills and bring about encounters and meetings between the right people: between a wine and its consumers, between a winegrower and a buyer, between a market and its products.

We are corporate managers who bear the risks of business alongside winegrowers and we supply distribution networks worldwide.

Our aim: to expedite achievement and be creators of shared success for Bordeaux wines. 

We are proud of our origins, passionate about our profession and demanding about our future.

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The Bordeaux Wine Trade is made up of 4 000 men and women busy working in sales and marketing, in Bordeaux wine production in vineyards and in winemaking facilities, on packaging lines, in logistics and in dispatching wine to more than 170 countries.

Without forgetting cross-sectoral roles that provide support for all these activities: supply chain, human resources, information technology, accounting and finance…

Today, wine trade firms are looking for new talents!
Join a sector that is proactive and take part in the global adventure of Bordeaux wines.

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