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To become a Wine Merchant:

You must be authorised to produce, receive, keep in your possession wine products and dispatch them from tax warehouses with suspension of excise duty.  For this, you must obtain the status of certified warehouse-keeper (see the dedicated web page on the web portal of the Customs Authority )

Unlike winegrowers and cooperative cellars, the Wine Merchant’s request must be accompanied, imperatively, by the presentation of a third-party guarantee, obtained from a bank or payment-guarantee organisation.  You will be required to deposit the payment-guarantee, the amount of which will depend on your type of activities, before starting to carry out your profession.

The wine merchant must also keep stock records and comply with documentary obligations corresponding to the various stages and types of his/her activities (monthly declaration summary, accompanying documents, annual stocktaking declaration…).

To become a member of Bordeaux Négoce:

Do you wish to have access to our services and expertise?

Do you wish to take part in drawing up economic, marketing, technological and Human Resources strategies for Bordeaux wines?

Join Bordeaux Négoce!

There are a few preliminary conditions for your company:

  • It must be established in the Gironde.
  • It must have been in existence for more than 3 years.
  • It must commercialise, for at least 50%, wines purchased elsewhere than at your property/properties.
  • It must indicate its compliance with the “Commitments of Bordeaux Négoce”.

Your membership request must be expressed in writing, sent to the President of Bordeaux Négoce and must be backed by the support of two of your colleagues, who are already members.

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