Our commitments

A trusted intermediary between winegrowers and distributors all over the world, the Bordeaux Wine Trade upholds a moral obligation to provide quality and transparency to the consumer in an effort of serious commitment to its environment and to the social durability of its companies.

Our success is that every second, somewhere in the world, some 20 bottles of Bordeaux are enjoyed by consumers.

Our commitments

They are presented by the expertise and the products, as well as by the values of our companies and the sense of community of Bordeaux Négoce:

A membership charter for Bordeaux Négoce, because belonging to the community involves a professional ethical code that contributes to the good reputation of the Bordeaux Wine Trade network;

A ‘product-quality charter’, conveying the Wine Trade’s expertise and technical knowledge ;

A ‘product-environment charter’: to commit the industry in the long-term to ethical production plans;

A ‘sustainable development charter’, expressing the Wine Trade’s CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) values;

An ‘industry economic partnership charter’ to head towards equitable economic development of the industry.

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